Chocolate Factories 1 and 2 are the homes of over 200 individuals and small businesses working across a very broad range of disciplines – from music production facilities to sculpture studios, from printmakers to web designers and film makers – all creative life is here. This website gives a glimpse into a selection of our activities. Amongst other things in May/June we’ll be playing at Glastonbury, exhibiting ceramics at the Royal College of Art and showing painting and sculpture in Portugal.

This site has been set up by and for the many artists based at The Chocolate Factory in Wood Green, North London, to introduce you to the diverse range of creative activities and wonderful artwork be found in our vibrant community.

Beginning in 1995 as an artist-led initiative The Chocolate Factory is now the centre of a vast Cultural Quarter which includes artists, music, film & multi media studios, photographic studios, printers, 2 restaurants, recording studios and several performing arts organisations.

Enjoy a browse around our site to find profiles, contacts and links to enable you to view, buy and commission art directly from over 100 fine artists, printmakers, glass gilders, jewellers, sculptors, muralists, prop makers, designers, photographers, bookbinders, writers, musicians  - the list is endless!

Our site is updated regularly with Chocolate Factory news - artists' exhibitions, new subscribers, art, poetry and drama events, courses, and open days. Don't forget to register your name and email so we can invite you to open weekends and events. You can also email individual artists and ask to be added to their own mailing lists for details of activities and exhibitions they are involved in.

The Chocolate Factory Artists will soon be joined by more artists, designer-makers, media, music, film and creative subscribers. Our online gallery will feature national and international guest artists along with regular online exhibitions from The Chocolate Factory Artists.

We will be hosting private views, virtual & live events, and touring exhibitions so check back in for our forthcoming 2005 programme.

Please contact artists individually for an appointment to view work - for any further enquiries and invites to our exhibitions and open studios contact: Nina Jackson or Lourda Collins at The Day Job