Wiebke Dreyer



Abstract, colourful oil/mixed media painting/prints. In my paintings I see the world in intensive colours, taking my inspiration from travelling to the Mediterranean or just my favourite local park, which let to a recent emphasis on texture and more earthy colours, using natural pigments from different geographical regions, including the Sahara desert.


2005: Nov: group show at Marziart International Gallery, Hamburg
2005: Oct 6-9: "Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair" Candid Arts Trust Gallery, Angel, London
2005: Aug: "art in mind" part 2 at La Viande Gallery, London
2005: June: "Challenging the nail" competition show at Salon des Arts, London - winner of a solo weekend show
2005: Feb onwards: work with Broomhill Art Hotel, Devon
2004: Dec: "out of the blue" group show at Art At Five Gallery, Brighton
2004: Sept onwards: work with Spanish online Gallery Picassomio
2004: Sept: "On the wall" art fair, Olympia, London
2004: 29 March-9 April: "My world" competition showcase at The Waterloo Gallery, London
2004: February: Güttler Music Festival, Hitzacker, Germany Artist in Residence
2004: February: show with Cheyenne 3 Art, London
2003: December: Showcase show at Gallery 47, London
2003: November & May & May 2004: Battersea Contemporary Art Fair, London
2003: June: show at Siemens headquarter in Nürnberg, Germany
2002: May: show in the Broomhill Art Hotel, North Devon
2002: February: The Affordable Art Fair
2001: August: show at Kreative Köpfe, Düsseldorf, Germany
2000: September: show at innivas Gmbh, Hamburg, Germany, work stays in collection

Direct from Studio 4, Unit C307. Tel 020 7263 6489 Mobile 0778 8918633
Email Wickdreyer@macunlimited.net Web www.wiebkedreyer.com

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