Polly Rockberger


Painter in oil / mixed media

A strong feeling for history - her original degree subject - always finds its way into Polly's work. Early languages and motifs, archetypal symbols and goddesses, as well as Polly's own memories and family history, thread their way through her semi-abstract paintings in oil and mixed media. She researches widely across cultures, geography and millenia in preparing her work, touching as much on the spiritual and mystical as the visual, including her interest in and practise of Reiki. But Polly is a painter, not an academic; paint surface and tone convey as much about history and its ambiguities as any amount of research, and in her purely abstract pieces, too, Polly tries to convey a sense of time as well as space. Her most recent work is about the ice, light and waters of Alaska, calm, mysterious and deep.

Polly is often invited into in junior and secondary schools where she gives presentations and workshops on a wide variety of art topics. In a 5-day residency at a London secondary school this December/January she will be helping A-level students to develop oil paintings on the theme of identity.

Recent Exhibitions

October 2006 - Affordable Art Fair, Battersea / Thornton Bevan Arts
November 2003/4/5 - Open Studios, Chocolate Factory

May-Sep 2003 - "A Time to be Born" - Exhibition exploring fertility and childbirth at the London Jewish Museum, Camden Town.
March-June 2003 - "Parallel Perspectives" - five women artists/sculptors at the London Jewish Cultural Centre.
2003 - Affordable Art Fairs, London and Bristol, with Pryory Art.

Feb 2002 - Hicks Gallery, Wimbledon.
June 1999 - Solo show at Pryory Art, St John's Wood, London.

Purchase Work

Direct from Polly on 0208 349 1116/07956 959519 - call to arrange a studio visit.

Studio 3, Ist Floor, Building B.
Mobile: 07956 959519 Email:

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Orange Window
Alaska Layers
Alaska Waters

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