Anita Rivera


Anita Rivera is a sculptor who produces public art for both landscaping and architectural projects. Having worked as the lead artist on a wide range of projects since 1996, Anita is experienced in the design, fabrication and installation of sculptural work. Anita also has practical experience in project management, frequently working in consultation with landscape architects, urban regeneration professionals and arts officers for local authorities, and urban and district councils.


Anita Rivera has undertaken site–specific and non–site–specific commissions in both urban and rural settings, such as residential areas and gardens. Anita specializes in creating two– and three–dimensional poetry pieces featuring text inscribed onto stainless steel. Other work has included large land sculptures, interpretive signage, paving, and sculptural bollards and railings. Sculptural work is undertaken in stainless steel and bronze. Signage is primarily in terrazzo, stainless steel and bronze. Street furniture pieces are produced in stainless steel, terrazzo, resin and bronze. Anita has also worked with other metals, as well as with stone, clay, plaster and polystyrene.


• Sun Scroll, Tottenham Marshes. Stainless steel sculpture set into the ground and inscribed with layers of poetry writtenby school pupils.Different text is highlighted by the changing light.
• Entrance feature, Tottenham Marshes regeneration project for Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and Haringey Council.
• Interpretive signage, Waltham Abbey Gardens, for Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and Epping Forest District Council.


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