Alexandra Abraham


Alexandra paints glass using an unusual technique, which she discovered while working as a decorative artist. Her Russian ancestry is demonstrated by her love of rich glowing colours combined with gilding metals, a characteristic of icon painting. Building up layers of dye and gilding metals on to glass in an intuitive free flowing style, she creates unique paintings, mirrors, bowls and plates.

Alexandra has undertaken numerous private commissions and her work has also been purchased for the boardroom of Workspace Group PLC and the Laurels Healthy Living Centre, Tottenham. Private clients include the actors Diana Hardcastle and Tom Wilkinson, novelist Matt Beaumont, journalist Kate Figes, Barbara Roche MP, and the novelist and writer Melissa Nathan.

She works full-time in her studio and welcomes visitors, preferably by appointment, and without obligation. Alexandra has a BA Honours Degree in Woven Textile Design from Loughborough University.


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Alexandra Abraham - Studio 7/B104
Tel: 020 8889 0441 Mobile: 07957 140320 Fax: 020 8442 1815

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